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The Work of CAMED (09.08.2011)
Learn more about the country of Moldova and the ministry of CAMED....
Valeriu Ghiletchi, Chairman of the Board of Directors for CAMED, issues a special thanks to our friends and partners on behalf of Invest-Credit and CAMED for their efforts to support Christian business people and bring about the kingdom of God in Moldova.
Originally created to promote the 2011 Walk for Economic Empowerment in Charleston, SC and Columbus, Ohio, this video shares the heart of CAMED Ministries and the impact it is having in Moldova through the perspective of an Invest-Credit intern.
In October 2010, Martin Maurer of PSP Consult led Invest-Credit's lastest Flash Training Series....
On February 20th, over 350 Moldovan Christians attended CAMED largest national conference to date, entitled "Christian Ethics in the Context of Expanding the Kingdom of God."
CAMED aspires to use microfinance and trainings as a tool for sharing the gospel with clients and participants. This video was made for staff encouragement after we were able to witness to a non-Christian after a training event.
Watch this video to learn more about the unique country of Moldova and CAMED's spiritual impact on the Moldovan people.
This video, from early 2008, gives the background of Moldova, a summary of the economic/social situation in 2008, and a detailed look at the work of CAMED and her lending arm, Invest-Credit. The last half of the video includes the responses of several clients who attended one of our training conferences.