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Vision & Mission

Our mission is to Build and Expand the Kingdom of God through Economic Development, Education and Spiritual Ministry.

We work to empower Moldovans to provide for themselves and their families, to create jobs, and to create healthy communities. For believers, we want to enable them to live out their calling in their country and to lead others into a life with God. For unbelievers, we want to demonstrate the love of Christ in a very practical way by meeting their needs.

Despite the economic pressure and social challenges in Moldova, CAMED encourages people to lead an honest and God-honoring life. Economic and political corruption have led to many social ills, such as drug and alcohol abuse, sex trafficking, black market organ trading, and mass emigration.

It is our vision to provide the economic opportunities and necessary tools for the people of Moldova to overcome the economic difficulties. Families and communities are empowered through our small business loans and business training. Finally, as a specific goal, CAMED seeks to build up the church and its members through these ways.

CAMED’s vision is not confined to the country of Moldova. The organization is currently developing plans to partner with churches in Central Asia to start similar organizations so that more people can receive economic opportunities and honor God. CAMED is working to develop a Spiritual Integration Model that can be used to help start similar organizations in Central Asian countries such as Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, and Uzbekistan. These countries suffer from heavy drug trading and political instability; their people desperately need the transforming power of Christ in their lives.

Serghei Namesnic, one of CAMED’s board members, is the director of the College of Theology and Education that attracts many students from these Muslim countries to study the Bible. Students that learn about micro enterprise through courses and internships will be able to start similar organizations in their own home countries throughout Central Asia. Through this effective and innovative approach to mission work, students will be able to teach others about the spiritual and physcial love of Christ by providing the ways and means for people to live a life that honors God.