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Business Training
CAMED believes that training plays a critical part in helping individuals onto the path of success in business. We extend invitations to our clients multiple times a year to participate in professional trainings. Some trainings are tailored to specific industry in which our clients work, while others cover more general topics including small business management, human resource management, and leadership development.

Each training session equips participants with innovative and practical training tools that are integral to the successful management and growth of their small businesses. In addition, CAMED actively seeks to network its clients with others who can offer guidance, advice, or partnership. These connections provide an invaluable resource to our clients and improve their ability to realize success in their businesses.

These initiatives also allow for the opportunity to minister to the business community in Moldova and spread the Word of God to a society dominated by Orthodox traditionalism. The trainings provide a platform for discussions about purpose in one’s work and open people to talking about faith.

Over the course of 2008, CAMED held six trainings and hosted over 200 participants.

  • National Christian Business Conference
  • Successes and Faliures in Running a Business - Swiss Consulting Group
  • Conflict Management - Swiss Consulting Group
  • Developing a Business - Swiss Consulting Group
  • How to Start a Business - Swiss Consulting Group
  • Human Resource Management - Swiss Consulting Group
In 2009, CAMED has focused even more on its training initiatives. In less than six months, we hosted five training events. The highlight of 2009 was the National Christian Business Conference organized by CAMED to discuss the value of Christian business in Moldova. The conference was comprised of nearly 100 Moldovans--Christians and non-Christians--with representation from all evangelical denominations that are present in Moldova. The goal of the conference was to invite Christians to be involved in areas of social-economic work in the country, while disbanding the Soviet-influenced stigma that work is a "necessary evil."

  • National Christian Business Conference
  • Crisis Management - Swiss Consulting Group
  • Conflict Management - Swiss Consulting Group
  • Ambition - Swiss Consulting Group
  • Entreprenueurship - Swiss Consulting Group
  • Staff Motivation - Swiss Consulting Group
In 2010 and 2011, CAMED was able to continue hosting various business conferences:

  • Success Factors for Sustainable Business Growth - PSP Consult
  • Management Creativity and Innovation - PSP Consult
  • Vision & Business Development - PSP Consult
  • National Conference on Business Ethics
  • Project Management - Swiss Consulting Group
  • Leadership Tools - Swiss Consulting Group
  • Boost Your Sales - Swiss Consulting Group
  • Time Management - Swiss Consulting Group
  • Christians in the Workplace Conference
Through hosting conferences in the coming years, CAMED hopes to ignite the Christians in Moldova with motivation and inspiration about how to use their business effectively for both the economy of the country and for the Kingdom of God.