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Board of Directors

CAMED is governed by four board members:

Ilie Coada (Board Member & Founder)

Valeriu Ghiletchi (Board Chair)

Ghenadie Russu (Board Member & Executive Director)

Serghei Nemesnic (Board Member)

The CAMED board plays an active role in promoting its vision for economic and spiritual transformation. Becasuse micro enterprise is relatively new to Moldova, the board utilizes personal networks and public speaking opportunities to promote the vision of the organization. As a result, new partnerships are regularly formed with churches and like-minded organizations.

Furthermore, the CAMED board determines the long-term strategy of the organization and insures its adherence to its Biblically-inspired values. Through regular meetings, the Board develops strategic initiatives and evaluates their implementation. Each member is committed to bringing people together in order to expand the program in Moldova, as well as launch similar microfinance programs in Central Asia.

Uniquely, CAMED has from the very beginning kept its leadership Moldovan. This encourages local leadership development and inspires others throughout Eastern Europe and Central Asia to use the CAMED model in Moldova as an example of the transformative impact of microfinance.