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Over the past several years CAMED has had a number of interns work in Moldova contributing their skills and knowledge to the mission of our organization. Some of them have worked with us for the summer (2-3 months), while others stayed on for over a year. Interns have contributed much to the success of CAMED, and we look forward to more interns joining us in our work and ministry in Moldova.

Interns speak about their experiences in Moldova:

1. What was your overall experience?

Overall, my experience was outstanding. Until working with CAMED, I could never have imagined the strong effect micro-finance could have, even without thousands of clients. It was very encouraging to see how Christ was glorified and dignity brought through believers engaged in business. Whether they used it as a platform for sharing their faith, providing for their family, or creating jobs, in nearly every case, their communities were enriched and strengthened. The way CAMED forms and maintains relationships with clients all over Moldova is building a foundation with the potential to transform the whole country in the coming years.

2. How did this enrich/help you?

I was able to get an up-close and practical viewpoint on entrepreneurship, both for a developing country and for my own career. I was able to see how to apply my faith practically in the workplace and in business ownership, and to see this done at so many different levels. Further, I received great insight into the challenges of building a small organization into a stable, sustainable one.

3. Would you recommend others to join CAMED in this capacity?

I would definitely recommend CAMED to anyone looking for a challenge and a hands-on experience in Business-as-Mission.

4. Anything special you can share about your time here?

The Moldovan people are among the most hospitable people I have met in the world. It is refreshing to work in Moldova because everyone has a dream and a vision, and they are always active, even if they do not have a clear path in front of them. And the food is excellent!

This is one of my favorite pictures from Moldova. It is of Anastasia, the “Goat Lady” in Tintareni. She represents so much of what we are trying to do in this country. With very few resources and a little help from CAMED, she was able to start a goat farm whereby she cares for the goats of many people in her community who cannot do so.

She feeds them and takes care of their health for a very small monthly fee.All the people in the village know she is a believer, and respect her as a businesswoman. In fact, she reports that the villagers wait in line to use her services instead of her competitor’s, because they know she is a Christian and runs an honest business. Just a simple woman with a simple life, but spreads the message of Christ in practical ways all over her community.