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News >> Workshop on Cultural-Spiritual Elements of Leadership
Workshop on Cultural-Spiritual Elements of Leadership (18.12.2009)
CAMED hosted a training workshop on Cultural and Spiritual Elements in Leadership; it was led by Swiss training partner Daniel Schweizer.

Daniel posed the questions that many of us have pondered, "Why are some nations more successful than others? How can culture and tradition influence the way we make decisions? What is the role and place of my personal beliefs in this world, and who tries to exert pressure on my values?" The evening session tried to address some of these difficult questions with open discussion and dialogue.

Some topics included:

• The definition of culture.
• What are the roots of our culture?
• Understanding the influence of culture on business and personal leadership.
• The fundamental values.
• Analysis of the values of today.
• determine the values of our decisions.
• Find your personal values.
• spiritual dimension of values.
• vision of the world determine how you see reality.
• Christian vision of the world.
• Golden Rule: a platform for the leadership.
• Values and relationships: it all adds up relationships.
• Christian faith and relationship with God-the source of values.

About fifteen participants gathered to discuss the role of culture and spirituality in leadership. It was a very successful event filled with fruitful and thought-provoking discussion.