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News >> Workshop on Crisis Management
Workshop on Crisis Management (28.09.2009)

In September, CAMED held a unique workshop event to discuss solutions for crisis management, both in the general sense and referring to the current economic crisis affecting the Moldovan market. Many companies are suffering from the economic changes as markets are reducing and uncertainty makes business decisions more difficult. The training-workshop was held to formulate practicable steps for entrepreneurs in addressing these issues. The goal was to discuss ideas and encourage other ways or new ways of doing business.

The workshop was led by professional consultant Daniel Schweizer from CAMED’s partner in Switzerland. It was host to about ten Moldovan business-owners who participated in the discussion-oriented training to learn new solutions for dealing with the difficult economic times.

Topics of the discussion included "Defining Crisis," "Crisis Brining Change" (and how to deal with that change, uncertainty, and seeeing change as opportunity), "Acting Pro-actively, not Re-actively, and relying on "Values and Company Strenghts."