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News >> Training Seminar on Tools in Leadership
Training Seminar on Tools in Leadership (15.03.2010)
CAMED and their Swiss partner Christliche Ost Mission organized a workshop on February 27th called "Tools in Leadership." The mission of this seminar was improving leadership skills and confronting the daily challenges of business.

The trainer at this seminar was Daniel Schweizer of Switzerland, an expert of international stature with extensive experience in management and business consulting.

The seminar was guided for for leaders of organizations and enterprises of any profile, managers of all levels, business leaders involved in various activities, and anyone who wants to climb to a higher level in this area.

Some examples of the content include:

· Be Proactive: Principles for leadership and personal vision
· Self Responsibility
· Working with people: the challenge of every leader
· Leadership: tools and attitude
· Four styles of leadership
· PDCA circle
· Decision making process
· SWOT Analysis
· Motivating employees: a challenge for leaders!