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News >> Seminar on Staff Motivation
Seminar on Staff Motivation (19.12.2009)
"Staff Motivation" has been a very popular topic in Moldova, as the post-Soviet mindset often deters workers from wanting to achieve their full potential within the workplace. CAMED held another all-day seminar on Staff Motivation in December, led by Swiss partner Daniel Schweizer.

Professing that "people are the heart of a company," Schweizer gave some novel and practical ways for leaders of a company to motivate their employees. Topics included:

• Definition of Motivation
• Influence: personality and situation
• Meaning and Motivation
• Manages proactive: principles of personal leadership and vision
• Responsibility for self
• Contribution and motivation
• Motivating employees: a challenge for leaders
• Obstacles
• The Sprenger on dedication, motivation to avoid lowering the use of power, encouraging the challenge, choosing the field, free open

Goals of the one-day seminar were to invest a day in the participant's improvement as a leader and to develop concrete steps toward how the participant can motivate his or her staff in their unique situation.

About ten participants gathered to exchange information about staff participation and eagerly accepted Schiezer's tips and discussions about how to improve staff motivation. The seminar was once again very well-received and showed demand for another similar seminar in the future.