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News >> National Youth Conference on Developing a Successful Business
National Youth Conference on Developing a Successful Business (12.03.2008)

How do we keep young people from leaving Moldova?

What types of opportunities would allow young people to remain in their hometowns, villages and churches?

These and other issues facing Moldova and particularly the Moldovan Christian community motivated CAMED's leadership to organize a National Youth Conference on “Starting a Successful Business in Moldova.” Close to 90 participants, most under 30 years of age, attended this event from churches throughout the country.

A range of topics were discussed to answer participants’ many questions:

  • The nature of a Christian’s motivation to start a business;
  • Why Christians are needed in the business sector;
  • Proclaiming Christ through a business;
  • Overcoming obstacles and becoming effective evangelists in the business environment;
  • Assessing the feasibility of a business idea;
  • Registering and incorporating a business;
  • Accounting regulations and compliance to accounting rules;
  • Financing a business;
  • Developing a business plan;
  • Managing marketing and sales.

Local experts accounting, law and finance participated as speakers at the conference, and successful business people shared their stories. A panel discussion with local Christian businessmen was a special event appreciated by conference participants, who stated that it was very encouraging to hear how each of the panelists relied on their faith to lead them on the journey of business development. Participants were motivated by Ion Miron, Deputy Bishop of the Baptist Union, to use their businesses to expand Kingdom of God. He stressed the importance of tithing as a privilege. Anatol Andriuta, National Leader of the Baptist Union, encouraged participants to start businesses in their communities so families will stay united and the Church will be supported. Jim Johnson from the Christian Business Mens’ Committee spoke on the reasons businesses fail and emphasized the importance of business planning and marketing.

God blessed all aspects of the conference, and the results of a participants’ survey showed that most of those who attended were enriched, motivated and encouraged. We expect that many of the participants will attend other training sessions and seminars organized by CAMED and Invest-Credit in order to enhance their knowledge of business development.