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News >> National Conference on Christian Involvement in Moldovan Society
National Conference on Christian Involvement in Moldovan Society (10.07.2009)

CAMED’s highlight of 2009 was a national conference held by CAMED to discuss the value of Christian involvement in all facets of Moldovan society-including business. The conference was comprised of nearly 100 Moldovans, with representation from all evangelical denominations that are present in Moldova. The goal of the conference was to invite Christians to be involved in areas of social-economic work in the country, while disbanding the Soviet-influenced stigma that business is a “necessary evil” and must be separate from one’s faith.

During the Soviet Union, Christians in Moldova and throughout Eastern Europe were afraid to live out their faith while they outside of the church walls. A fear purposefully instilled by the oppressive government caused Christians to act with caution when it came to living out their faith in everyday life. Even today, the church in Moldova is still seeing the effects of this mindset. Moldovan Christians still struggle to live out an authentic faith in the workplace and ministering to their communities.

July’s National Conference was held to encourage Christian leaders to think biblically about what it looks like to be involved in living out their faith beyond their church walls. This conference was used to help bridge the gap between the sacred and the secular, encouraging Christians to live out their faith throughout their businesses, families, and community.

Through hosting more conferences in the years to come, CAMED hopes to ignite the Christians of Moldova with motivation and inspiration about how to use their business effectively for both the economy of the country and the Kingdom of God.