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News >> March 2011 Christians in the Workplace Conference
March 2011 Christians in the Workplace Conference (27.07.2011)
CAMED's March 2011 conference focused on issues that Christians in the workplace face. Several issues and topics were addressed such as:

1. How to be a good Christian at work
2. Attitudes about work from a Biblical perspective
3. Relationships at work with colleagues and managers
4. Work as a mission and calling

What our particpants say:

Our society is influenced by corruption and a materialistic point of view. At work, people are tempted and pushed to lie, to be insincere, to gossip, and to do things that are not correct from a biblical perspective. Unfortunately, Christians are influenced to do these things as well, and the saddest part is that over time, this pressures many Christians to stop be strong Christians. While they have more time for work, they have less time for spiritual things.
On the other hand, many Christians are so involved in church ministry that the quality of their work is decreased. Because of over-booking themselves in all these involvements, then these Christians are not good examples for their bosses and colleagues. There is a need for wisdom, encouragement and teaching to help Christians that work to see the work as their field of mission and also their place where they can increase in their faith.” - Participant

People from the church work five days a week and most of their life is spent at work. Their faith and relationship with God must show because they are a light at work. Many of their colleagues will know about God because of their life's example. These kind of conferences helps Christians to see their work with a new perspective and I believe that these kind of conferences can help pastors to see their church member's work with a new biblical perspective.” - Participant

I believe that the work of each Christian is a mission field, and to this conference I was encouraged to believe that more, and not just to believe but to be also very careful how do I do my job.” - Participant