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News >> Flash Training on Staff Motivation
Flash Training on Staff Motivation (22.10.2009)

In October, we held our most innovative training yet, hosted as a "flash training" over breakfast on the topic of staff motivation. It was open invitation and, despite some skepticism from Moldovans about how the topic would be received in Moldova, it was a very successful event. CAMED, and professional trainer Daniel Schweizer, hosted twelve exectutives from companies and organizations in Chisinau.

The topic of staff motivation was of particular interest to Moldovans, who are still transitioning from a Soviet-influenced view of work. In communist times, work was viewed more as a "necessary evil" than as something to grow and excel at as part of their daily lives. Now, business-owners from Moldova (along with those from other post-Soviet nations) struggle to translate the Western concept of staff motivation to their employees.

Topics from the training included:

  • Defining Motivation and why it is important
  • Humans in search of meaning
  • 7 practical ways to motivate your staff
  • "Fish-staff" Motivation concept