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News >> Flash Training Seminar on Effective Self-Leadership
Flash Training Seminar on Effective Self-Leadership (17.12.2009)
In December, CAMED held a flash breakfast training titled "How to Effectively Lead Yourself." After receiving very positive feedback from the first flash training, CAMED decided to hold two more breakfast trainings in December. These are short, focused seminars that are held in the morning over breakfast for business professionals.

The training focused on helping participants determine what is most important in their lives in order to have a clearer direction for self-management. Topics included:

• Definition of self-management
• Four parts of life
• Roles and hats: key tasks
• Goals. The Pareto
• Priority: important and urgent
• Time thieves
• 7 steps to success

An intimate group of about ten professionals attended the seminar and offered some very insightful discussions about what they saw as the priorities in their own lives--and what they wanted to change.