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News >> Flash Training Seminar on Becoming the Consumer
Flash Training Seminar on Becoming the Consumer (18.12.2009)
CAMED's second flash-breakfast training of December was called "Becoming the Consumer" and focused on how to effectively appeal to one's appropriate market. In this seminar, participants learned how to win customer satisfaction and make successful sales. Topics included:

• Offer unique sales (USP)
• all amounts to relationships: different personalities
• Success in communication: the model ice-berg
• 7 keys to successful selling
• new buyers: Important Acquisition
• 7 steps in making sales decisions
• How do you handle complaints

About ten participants gathered for this seminar, which was led by CAMED's training partner Daniel Schweizer of Switzerland. Participants exchanged personal experiences and advice about successful sales and eagerly learned new tips and knowledge from each others' history.