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Stories of Transformation >> SME (Small to Medium Enterprise) Clients
Stories of transformation
Boris Tentiuc took out his initial loan from CAMED/Invest-Credit to purchase supplies for his agricultural operations....
Igor Hmelic (10.02.2010)

“Invest-Credit focuses on teaching their clients skills and announcing trainings and conferences. Teaching Christians how to handle their business and train their attitudes on business—this is a big thing.”

Igor Hmelic became familiar with the transportation industry at an early age...Years later, when clients began approaching Igor for transportation work, he realized there was demand for his experienced services and began his own transportation business in 2001...
Ivan Cuciuc (02.02.2010)

Agriculture Business

“I am thankful to have access to loans so I don’t have to live abroad and can grow my business in a way that provides for my family’s needs.” 

Ivan is continually seeking out ways to improve his greenhouse business and improve his income…With the profits from his greenhouses Ivan has been able to make improvements on his house worth about $30,000…

Daniil Tenitiuc (02.02.2010)

Mini-Hotel Owner

Daniil and her family have owned a mini-hotel business for 6 years. They began with two houses and marketed their hotel toward accommodating business-people visiting Chisinau….With only two houses, Daniil and her family realized that the demand for their services could be met with expanding their space…

Cement-block Production

“God is blessing me all the time.  When I don’t have money, He sends me the right people…”

Victor Antoci is the head pastor of a small church, and is also the small-business owner of a cement block production factory in his village…