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Stories of transformation
Construction Materials and Home Utensil Shop. 

When Ion Costiuc took out a CAMED/Invest-Credit loan last year, he had a goal in mind.  The loan, along with the proceeds from the sale of one of his two minibuses, enabled Ion to start his own business.

Victor Rotaru (11.07.2011)
Poultry Breeding & Cultivation.

Victor desires to see others involved in positive businesses. When more people become involved, he believes it will lead to the development of the village as a whole and increase the living standards of many
Aliona Ostrov (08.05.2011)
When Aliona's husband had to seek work in Russia, Aliona was left to care for their eight children on her own.  She started an agricultural business through a loan from Invest-Credit. Her business drew the family back together and is now their main source of income. 
Agriculture Business

“We have the desire to work—we just need more access to money. We have faith that in the future we will have the opportunity to grow.”
Alex Znachkov (02.02.2010)

Furniture Production Factory

Alexandru began his furniture business in 2003 after years of struggling with low-wage jobs that didn’t allow him to support his family. His entrepreneurial drive motivated him to start a business building furniture…but he had nowhere to sell or display his work and could not afford to pay rent for a facility.  When he heard about Invest-Credit…

Olga Tovstenco (02.02.2010)

Clothing Production

With a background as a seamstress and an entrepreneurial drive, Olga began producing and selling clothing in the markets in Chisinau several years ago.  In 2008, she left the markets for a greater opportunity to begin producing in smaller boutiques…

Leonid Pogreban (17.11.2009)

Agriculture Business

“We have been encouraged by Invest Credit because it is not easy to find money now. We can see that God is providing for us. Even if it seems like we are struggling, we are putting our hope in God for the future.”

Upon the collapse of the Soviet Union, Leonid and Ecaterina Pogreban struggled to find jobs, so they decided to start their own business out of their home…