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Stories of transformation >> Victor Rotaru
Victor Rotaru (11.07.2011)

Victor Rotaru

Location: Dancu, Hincesti, Moldova

Family: Widower, 9 children (5 biological, 4 adopted)

Occupation: Entreprenuer, Pastor

Type of Business: Poultry Breeding & Cultivation

Loans: First loan, seeking a second

Loan Amount(s): $1,642 (20,000 Moldovan Lei); Requesting 30,000 lei for second loan

Victor’s Story: Before Victor started his business, he wasn’t a Christian. In fact, he was an alcoholic. He sometimes thought about ending his life and leaving his wife and family. He said he had no hopes, no dreams, no aspirations. His mother-in-law was a Christian, and even though they didn’t get along well, she was faithful to pray for Victor. One day, he and his wife went to church. He wasn’t sure why they went to church. They just decided to go one day, and that was the day he was saved. When he came to Christ, he knew he needed to change. He went to his work buddies and told them that he wouldn’t be able to hang out and drink with them like he used to. They didn’t believe he was serious. It was difficult for him, but with the help of his wife and mother-in-law, Victor pulled through and changed.

That same year his wife was diagnosed with cancer. Through prayer and sacrifice they made it through. The cancer unexpectedly disappeared. The doctor couldn’t explain it, but Victor and his wife both knew it was God. Shortly thereafter, he and his wife decided to start a poultry farm.

They started the business in 2005 by purchasing thirty chickens. For four years the business grew and prospered. They were able to provide for their three children, and adopted four more. By 2009, they had over three hundred chickens. But then his wife was diagnosed with a different form of cancer. Victor began to sell off chickens to pay for the medical treatments for his wife. As he sold off pieces of his business and watched it diminish, he watched his wife’s strength diminish too. She taught their daughters how to cook and clean so that they would be able to handle the motherly duties when she was gone. The treatments were only able to keep her alive for a year.

With only forty-five chickens left, seven children to care for by himself, and an ache in his heart, life was hard. But Victor knew that God was with him. He felt called to be a pastor, and he leads his local church. He has continued to develop his knowledge of both business and poultry breeding and is working to restore his business.

Entrepreneurial Impact of the Loans: Last year Victor traveled a few hours to attend a business development seminar in another region of Moldova. He is carefully documenting the effects improved feeding and living conditions have on the productivity of the farm, so that he can implement positive methods and insure stability and continued growth in his business.

Victor used the first loan to purchase more chickens and to construct a new chicken house. Presently, he has 100 chickens, but with the new loan he is applying for, plans to construct another chicken house and purchase two hundred more chickens. Sometime in the fall, he would like to purchase another two hundred chickens for a total of 500 chickens.

One of the New Chicken Houses

Family and Community Impact: Victor’s chicken business is the only one of its kind in the whole region of Hincesti, Moldova. His negotiations with an orphanage and home for the elderly comprise a creative strategy, driven by his compassion for others, to establish a clientele base beyond that provided by operating a stand in the central market. In this way, he is not only able to insure a steady demand for his goods, but he is also able to provide quality food and better prices to the less fortunate.

Two of Victor’s children are grown and supporting themselves, but he is still caring for the seven younger ones. Currently his children are involved in helping with the business, but he wants to be able to provide each of them with the funds to seek higher education. Two of his daughters are hoping to begin attending a Christian school in Chisinau this year. His vision for his business is to be able to move from depending on his children to employing many community members.

Spiritual Impact: Victor faithfully leads his church (now with twenty-four adult members), and believes that his business has an important part to play in the expansion of the kingdom of God. He wants to grow his business enough to be able to give more substantially to his church and to create more jobs for people in his village. He says that life is still hard. He thinks about his wife every day. But he is thankful that God enabled him to receive a loan and provide for his family.

Future Ambitions: The farm currently contains 110 chickens, but Victor intends to purchase 190 more at the beginning of the summer. With the help of his children and the faithfulness of God, Victor believes his business will not only recover, but also expand beyond where it once was.

Victor desires to see others involved in positive businesses. His vision is to grow his business large enough that he can begin to employ his neighbors. He wants his business to be an example and an encouragement to other people in his village to engage in business. When more people become involved, he believes it will lead to the development of the village as a whole and increase the living standards of many.