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Stories of transformation >> Victor Antoci - 2009 Lydia Award Recepient
Victor Antoci - 2009 Lydia Award Recepient (02.02.2010)
Cement-block Production

Location: Nisporeni, Moldova

Family: Married with 3 children

Occupation: Pastor of a church in Nisporeni

Type of Business:
Cement Block Production

Loans from CAMED: 2 small-business loans     

Loan Amount(s): $3,000 in 2006, $6,250 in 2007

Impact of the Loans:

Victor Antoci is the head pastor of a small church, and is also the small-business owner of a cement block production factory in his village.  He began his business in 2006 after coming across the opportunity to buy 6 hectares of land and the proper machinery to produce high-quality cement blocks. 

As his business began production, Victor struggled to buy the materials he needed, as most of his income was used to cover the cost of the property and machinery.  When Victor heard about CAMED through friends who had attended a CAMED training, he decided to take out his first loan at the end of 2006. He used this loan to invest in the materials he needed to help his business grow.  As a result of the loan, Victor’s business began generating more revenue, giving him more capital to buy additional materials and machinery.  With his business steadily growing, Victor decided to take out an additional loan in 2007 to strengthen his business operations. 

Today, Victor’s business generates revenue of about $6000 per year, which helps to support his family of five and grow his church.  He reports that the extra capital from the loan has had a positive impact on his business, and consequently on his life and his community. He is able to offer more to his children and provide jobs to others in his village.  

Victor has had the opportunity to attend several of CAMED’s trainings and has found them to be integral to his development as a business manager. At the trainings, he has learned practical information about advertising and sales, as well as how to run an ethical business. Victor is currently focusing on different forms of advertising, as he is confident that despite the difficult economic situation there is a market for his products.

Victor is also the recent recipient of the Lydia Award, an honor given to those clients who are most outstanding in their business potential and impact on the community. He has received a grant of $500 to invest in his business, which he will use to buy a machine that can make a specialized type of tile unique to the market in Moldova.

Future Ambitions:

In the future, Victor hopes to expand his business to include production of windows and doors, as this would provide him with a more stable income.  For start-up costs, he needs about $10,000 to buy the wood from Ukraine and is considering taking out an additional loan in the future to enable him to do so.  Victor also has access to many unused buildings on his property, and he hopes to be able to rent out these spaces to those in his community, enabling them to start businesses of their own.

Spiritual Impact:

Being both a pastor and small-business owner, Victor often feels pulled between the two jobs.  He hopes to see his business grow so that he can invest more time in the church and his family.  In the midst of this struggle, Victor describes his faith as, “the thing that allows him to trust God for the future.” This trust motivates him to be intentional about using his business to impact the Kingdom of God. Both of Victor’s two employees are non-Christians, but through his contact with them at work Victor has seen them getting involved with church activities.  He hopes that his business will continue to have a positive spiritual impact.  His church community is currently planting a new church in a neighboring village and he hopes to be able to use his blocks to help with the construction of the building.  

In His Own Words:

“God is blessing me all the time.  When I don’t have money, He sends me the right people.  Once, I did not have enough money for my upcoming loan repayment and to pay my workers.  God is faithful!  He brought a customer right when I needed him who bought $450 worth of my blocks.”