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Stories of transformation >> Olga Tovstenco
Olga Tovstenco (02.02.2010)

Clothing Production

Location: Chisinau, Moldova

Type of Business: Clothing production

Loans from CAMED: 1 small-business loan    

Loan Amount(s): $1780 in 2008, $1423 in 2009

Impact of the Loan:

With a background as a seamstress and an entrepreneurial drive, Olga began producing and selling clothing in the markets in Chisinau several years ago.  In 2008, she left the markets for a greater opportunity to begin producing in smaller boutiques. She is now selling in 3 boutiques. Through her stores, Olga is able to offer her products at a less expensive price than what Moldovans would be able to find in Turkey or Ukraine. Her products include uniforms for many companies throughout Chisinau, as well as customized dresses and clothing that meet individual needs.

Since Olga began selling in boutiques, she has seen her profits dramatically increase and has been able to provide jobs for 11 Moldovans throughout her 3 stores. In 2008, Olga took out her first loan with Invest Credit worth $1,780 to purchase more fabric and materials to manufacture the clothing. Having access to this loan has helped Olga increase production for her 3 boutiques. This success is helping her toward her future goal of one day opening boutiques in Moscow.