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Stories of transformation >> Daniil Tenitiuc
Daniil Tenitiuc (02.02.2010)

Mini-hotel Owner

Location: Chisinau, Moldova

Family: Married with children

Type of Business: Mini-hotel

Loans from CAMED: 1 small-business loan   

Loan Amount(s): $10,000 in 2008

Impact of the Loans:

Daniil and her family have owned a mini-hotel business for 6 years. They began with two houses and marketed their hotel toward accommodating business-people visiting Chisinau. The family now hosts a variety of guests, some staying for a few days while and others are more long-term. Each house is equipped with a bedroom, living room and a small kitchen. With only two houses, Daniil and her family realized that the demand for their services could be met with expanding their space.

In November 2008, Daniil took out a loan of about $10,000 from Invest Credit to purchase a third building and make repairs on the other two. Daniil and her family enjoy working the hotel and meeting new guests. They have found that hospitality is what maintains their business and are excited to leverage this to welcome more guests in the future. Having a third house to rent out is allowing them to do this.