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Boris Timofei Tentiuc (08.09.2010)

Boris Timofei Tentiuc

Location: Crasnoarmeiscoe Village, Hincesti, Moldova 

Family: Married with eight children (1.5 - 20 years old)

Occupation: Farmer 

Type of Business: Agriculture, including greenhouses 

Loans from CAMED: Three

Loan Amount(s): $6,000  $10,000  $10,000

Economic Impact of Loans: 

Boris Tentiuc took out his initial loan from CAMED/Invest-Credit to purchase supplies for his agricultural operations.   The Tentiuc farm is comprised of six hectares of fields and greenhouses.  Successfully running a farm provides enough work for the whole family, but the Tentiucs are grateful to have the means to provide for their large family.  Their farm produces tomatoes, grains, and watermelons.  The loans enabled them to purchase seeds to expand their operations, fertilizer and irrigation components to increase their output and improve the quality of their produce, and a pump to increase their operations efficiency.  The pump improves not only their agricultural production, but also their quality of life as the well is also the family’s source of water.

Family Impact of Loans:

The oldest two Tentiuc children, Eugen and Pavel, are in university and college, respectively.   While grade school in Moldova is free, university and college can be expensive. Because of the income of their family’s farm, Eugen and Pavel have been able to continue their education.  The Tentiucs hope to be able to provide for each of their children to receive a higher education. 

In addition to providing for his wife and eight children, Boris also supports his parents and his sister, Olga.  Though Olga is grown, she has been quite ill, and Boris is able to help with some of her expenses through the income of the Tentiuc farm. 

Future Ambitions:

Having such a large family makes the Tentiucs a high risk for micro-finance organizations, and this in turn, makes it much more difficult for them to be approved for loans.  The Tentiucs have become loyal CAMED/Invest-Credit clients though, and are planning on taking out their fourth loan through CAMED/Invest-Credit as well.  

They currently use a small tractor in their fields, but the machine isn’t powerful enough to handle the needs of the farm.  They have already had to replace the engine twice.  With the next loan, the Tentiucs hope to resolve this issue by purchasing a larger, more powerful tractor. 

The new tractor would help them expand their production.  With a stronger tractor they would have the resources necessary to produce early watermelons in their fields.  Growing and harvesting watermelons early would allow them to take advantage of the higher profits earned at the beginning of the watermelon season.  The Tentiucs are examples of diligence and love as they work hard to provide for their children and relatives.